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Tax deductible receipt issued for donations >$10

COVID 19 Food Assistance for People-In-Need

S$54,081 raised of S$60,000

Food Support for People-In-Need

With the sudden pandemic, our beneficiaries, who experience higher risk of financial insecurities (e.g. unemployment), need our help!

  • A few of our beneficiaries may lose their jobs/ unemployed because they cannot work consistently.

For our Elderly:

  • KS volunteers personally transport groceries to their households.

For our Cancer Patients:

  • Although it's illegal to fire someone for being ill, many underestimate how draining chemotherapy takes out of a person.

  • In 2004, we introduced Holistic Support for People affected by Cancer (HSPC). With their steep medical bills and rising food expenses, our charity decides to step in and help!

KS Charity provides free groceries for all of our beneficiaries who are struggling with chronic illnesses (such as Cancer).

We need your donations to continue delivering our community services for our beneficiaries. They require our assistance to improve their quality of life. Your gift will leave a lasting impact on their wellbeing for the rest of their lives.

Each food hamper will contain $30 worth of food items containing wholesome ingredients (organic, whole grain, healthy oil, pesticide-free) such as:

Organic quinoa and whole grain mix powder

Thai organic brown rice

Prune honey vinegar health drink

With a donation of $30, you could sponsor a food hamper to one of our lonely seniors or a chronic illness patients and provide them with necessary nutrients they need to strengthen their body’s ability to heal itself

As we are an eco-friendly charity, each item is also carefully selected for its eco-friendliness, and in view of our IPC-status, you will be able to claim a 250% tax deduction on your donation.

Your gift will leave a lasting impact towards their wellbeing for the rest of their lives in harmony with our earthly home.

Let us make a big positive impact on the wellbeing of the elderly, the sick and the earth together!

Thank you in advance for your generosity.