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Singapore Red Cross Year End Carnival 2019

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About the event

Over the past 70 years, the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) has served Singapore and beyond its shores with one mission - relieving human suffering, protecting lives and dignity and responding to emergencies. SRC may be synonymous with first aid, blood donor recruitment, and international disaster relief, but we do a lot more than that. Through our community services, we uplift 20,000 disadvantaged individuals and families, and those who fall through the cracks of social service. We champion for persons with severe disability; the elderly who live on their own; and the single-parents and skipped generation families who need a listening ear and a helping hand.

To commemorate our 70th anniversary and our nation's bicentennial year, the SRC will be organising the Singapore Red Cross Year End Carnival on 7th and 8th December to celebrate this occasion and to appeal to the masses to support our local works and services. Look forward to an immersive time-travel experience as we take you back to the early days of Singapore and into our current modern era with food, carnival games and retail, including VR gaming and limited edition SRC lego sets and other merchandise. There will also be song and dance performances and open-air workout sessions hosted by True Yoga.

We are also conducting a lucky draw at the event with prizes ranging from a pair of SilkAir tickets to Busan, Samsung Galaxy Watches to a weekend stay@The Fullerton Hotel and many more (see table below for the full prize list).

How you can support our event

We would like to appeal to you to help the poor and needy by making a generous donation to this event by purchasing carnival coupons/lucky draw tickets and/or making an outright donation.

Carnival coupon options

1 sheet at $30 

5 sheets at $150

10 sheets (1 booklet) at $300

20 sheets (2 booklets) at $600

For purchases of more than 2 booklets, please use ‘Other Amount’ option

Carnival lucky draw ticket options

1 ticket at $5

5 tickets at $25

10 tickets (1 booklet) at $50

20 tickets (2 booklets) at $100

For purchases of more than 2 booklets, please use ‘Other Amount’ option

You can do this through the following options:

  • If you would like to purchase carnival coupons/lucky draw tickets and attend the event, indicate ‘Collect’ in the Collect or Donate’ section at the donation page to collect your tickets at the event. 

  • You may also choose to purchase and donate your coupons/tickets (and be eligible for 250% tax deduction) to our 1,200 beneficiaries from our FoodAid, ElderAid and TransportAid programmes who will be present at the event. If you would like to do so, indicate 'Donate’ in the ‘Collect or Donate’ at the donation page.

  • For outright donations, you may indicate the amount you wish to donate in the ‘Other Amount’ at the donation page and leave the ‘Collect or Donate’ section blank.

All funds raised will go towards sustaining the Singapore Red Cross' local services and programmes. Thank you in advance for your support!

Note: No tax deduction is given for the purchase of coupons/tickets for personal use. Tax deduction is only applicable if you wish to make donate coupons/tickets to our beneficiaries and/or make an outright donation.

Carnival Draw Prize List


1. What is SRC Year End Carnival about?

The SRC is 70 years old and we are organizing a year-end carnival to celebrate the milestone with our friends and families and to form new partnerships to enable us to do more for our beneficiaries in the community in the coming years.


Proceeds raised will go towards enabling us to do more to care for those vulnerable in the community, their caregivers and family members through better care processes, new technology, and equipment among others.


2. When and where is the carnival?

Event: Singapore Red Cross Year End Carnival 2019

Date: 7th and 8th Dec 2019

Venue: The Coliseum Sentosa 

Time: 11am - 9pm 

3. How do I get there from Habourfront MRT (Vivocity)?

Directions from Sentosa Boardwalk:

Directions from Sentosa Express Monorail:

4. Do I need to register to participate in the carnival?

No, admission to the carnival is free for all. However, you need to purchase coupons to enjoy the various activities available.


5. What are the coupons used for?

SRC Year End Carnival 2019 operates on a coupon based transaction. Coupons are retail at $30 per sheet which you can use to participate in games, food, retail booths.

6. Is there a Lucky/Carnival draw?

Yes, we will be conducting a lucky draw on the 8th Dec at 5pm. Click on the ‘Donate Now’ button to purchase them at $5 per piece or $50 per booklet.


7. Do I need to be present on the 8th Dec to collect my lucky draw prize if I'm a winner?

The lucky draw will be performed live at the event on the 8th Dec and the results will posted online on SRC's webpage the following Monday. The collection of prizes will start from 8th Dec till 7th Jan 2020 at Singapore Red Cross HQ at 15 Penang Lane. Prizes uncollected by 7th Jan 2020 will be deemed forfeited and donated back to the Singapore Red Cross. 


8. How do I collect the coupons/tickets I purchased on Deeda?

You may collect them at the carnival. Upon completion of your payment, you will receive an email acknowledgement. Please present your email acknowledgement at the carnival to receive your coupons.

9. Can I choose to donate the coupons/tickets I purchase directly to SRC beneficiaries?

Yes. Please indicate that you wish to donate your coupons by writing ‘Donate’ at the ‘Collect or Donate’ section of the donation page. We will then pass the coupons/tickets to our various beneficiaries. Currently, SRC beneficiaries include over 500 (FoodAid), 200 (ElderAid/Community Befriender), 500+ (Medical Chaperone & Transportation Service) yearly and we would need to raise over $36,000 to cover the cost of coupons distributed to them. 


10. If I donate coupons/tickets will I be able to enjoy a 250% tax deduction?  

 Yes! Coupons/tickets donated to our beneficiaries and outright donations are 250% tax-deductible. However, coupons/tickets purchased for personal use are not tax-deductible.

For further queries, please contact us at or 6664 0500 (Partnerships & Development department)